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Chieh Huang, MD, MUL 2012 Graduate

There is always a saying describing about precious moments, that is time always flew by fast during wonderful times, and this totally described how I feel about after studying six years in the Medical University of Lodz. I graduated from this wonderful place and returned to my home country Taiwan, then I began my medical career.

When thinking back recently, I missed all the precious memories and excellent times I spent in this place.

After returning home in June 2012, I applied for the national board exam in July, as it was for only the „Step One” in our country, it was also known as the Basic Board Examination for all medical graduates. I managed to pass this exam fluently, which permitted me to enroll in the National Department of Health Hospital in Taipei to begin my internship in Taiwan. The internship was a challenging year. I always give high appreciation to all the teachers and professors in the Medical University of Lodz who taught me all the useful medical knowledge which now I can apply in my career. The internship was completed in the end of 2013 which granted me the next step of the exam, the Oriented Skill Clinical Examination, as this was also part of our board exam introduced since 2013 in Taiwan. This exam enables each doctor to meet the criteria and have the entrance towards the final, which will be the „Step Two” exam, the Clinical Board Examination. After having passed everything successfully, I started in the Department of Surgery in the Catholic Church Hospital in my district in Taipei, which finally allowed me to carry on with my further career of being a residential doctor in Taiwan.

Right now, being a resident doctor in the Department of Surgery, I have a lot of operations arranged and on-call duties to do. Thanks again to the Medical University of Lodz which cultivated me and gave me this opportunity to fulfill my life goals.

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