Teaching hospitals

Three teaching hospitals owned by the University with over 1600 beds make a grand base for graduate and postgraduate clinical education as well as for scientific programs:

  • Norbert Barlicki Memorial Teaching Hospital No. 1 of the Medical University of Lodz
    located at ul. Kopcińskiego 22, Lodz,
  • Military Medical Academy Memorial Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz – Central Veteran Hospital
    located at ul. Żeromskiego 113, Lodz,
  • Central Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz
    located at ul. Pomorska 251, Lodz.

The additional 34 wards and departments (ca 1 200 beds) of municipal hospitals are used for teaching purposes.

The University Teaching Hospitals and University – affiliated departments constitute a basic source for highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services. Provided by more than 1 250 medical professionals including 750 specialist with professors and associate professors who deal with the health needs of the Lodz region and promote health-related programs. Each year, more than 55 000 patients are hospitalized in MUL hospital departments and over 50 000 patients in University affiliated wards.

The high level of diagnostic and treatment services rendered by the Medical University teaching hospitals is reflected by its position in the most popular hospital rankings. In the nationwide classification, our 36 hospitals departments are ranked among the top ten in their specialties.