About PREMED course

Preparatory Course PREMED taught in English is organized by the Medical University in Lodz for international students planning to apply for medical and dentistry programs in order to repeat and improve their knowledge required on the entrance exam. It also aims at making up the differences of candidates’ knowledge in the prerequisite subjects to help them in their first year of studies.

Medical University of Lodz organizes the courses since 2013. Over 300 participants completed PREMED successfully. Many of them have already graduated MUL or are currently students of 5DMD or 6MD program. PREMED participants, coming from countries like Taiwan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, USA, Nigeria, India, Iran, Turkey, Canada, Malaysia, Pakistan, UK, Brazil, Iraq and more, create a truly international academic environment.

Course duration: November 14th, 2023 – June 30th, 2024

During the Preparatory Course we offer 960 academic hours*:

  • Classes and laboratory in Biology – 160 hours
  • Classes and laboratory in Chemistry – 160 hours
  • Classes and laboratory in Physics – 128 hours
  • Classes in Medical English – 280 hours
  • Classes in Polish – 140 hours
  • Classes in Anatomy – 30 hours
  • Introduction to academic professionalism, social competencies and learning skills – 50 hours
  • Classes in Basic Life Support – 12 hours

*academic hour = 45 minutes

The Preparatory Course will be held on condition of minimum 20 students registered.

We invite you to apply online: https://registration.umed.lodz.pl

Top reasons to choose PREMED at the Medical University of Lodz :

  • No entrance exam
  • Great location
  • International recognition
  • Multicultural environment
  • Modern facilities – brand new Medical Simulation Center and MOLecoLAB
  • Affordable tuition
  • Online application
  • Access to Pearson Mastering e-learning platform

Premedical Course graduate’s opinion:

I find the Premed Course so useful for people who want to enter the main course.We learnt many stuff related to human body and anatomy. We learnt many adjectives and verbs which we use alot for medical subjects. You may not find these words important or even useful in daily English but for medical issues they are important. Another useful thing about the course was getting used to the city and the situation. We knew many more stuff about transportation and the locations. We also had some courses which were repeated in 1st year and it was easy for us to handle it. In my opinion, the most important thing about the course was learning Polish. I can confess that I did not have any problem for Polish in 1st year, the first semester was completely revision and the second was much easier for us who have been through Premed Course. In Premed, we learnt much more of Polish for daily life and it was so useful for having connection with people. In conclusion, I think the premed course can be so useful for people who are not familiar with studying abroad and have problems with their English. It may not be necessary but it’s so useful for passing the 1st year.

Afagh Hamedan Nejad, student of 2nd year 6MD course