Graduation and Diploma

The Doctor of Medicine degree is conferred and a diploma is issued to those who successfully complete all requirements for graduation including:

  1. Passing all core courses and required number of electives.
  2. Submitting a Student’s Book Examination Chart at the Deanery and filled circulary form.
  3. Covering all financial obliagtions.

Legalization of your documents

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) certifies the following documents awarded by Polish higher education institutions:

  • Diplomas and diploma supplements and their official copies (odpis), including official copies in foreign languages issued by the university.
  • Certificates of completion of postgraduate studies (świadectwo ukończenia studiów podyplomowych).
  • Duplicates of diplomas, diploma supplements, and certificates of completion of postgraduate studies.
  • Certificates of completion of studies (zaświadczenie o ukończeniu studiów).