Right to practice

According to the Polish law, in order to obtain full qualifications allowing the access to practice a profession of a physician / dentist in Poland, the holder of the Lekarz ( MD) or Lekarz Dentysta ( DMD) degree diploma has to fulfill 2 additional requirements:

Post-graduate internship and the LEK/LDEK exam are additional requirements to obtain the right to practice the profession in Poland. They do not form a part of university education culminating in obtaining a doctor’s / dentist’s diploma. Postgraduate internship and the LEK/LDEK exam take place after completion of medical or dental studies and the award of the degree of “Lekarz” or “Lekarz Dentysta”.

The above requirements apply only for practicing in Poland.

Since the requirements may differ among countries, it is strongly advised for each student to consult the Medical Chamber in their home country to obtain accurate information regarding this matter.

For more information, please see Directive 2013/55/EC.