Group change rules for students

Student Groups:

  1. Students are assigned to groups before the Orientation Week
  2. Dean’s groups consist of 12 students, clinical groups consist of 6 students
  3. Groups are diverse in terms of nationality and gender

Individual student’s group change on the student’s request can occur only in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Maximum headcount in a dean’s group is 12 students, in a clinical group 6 students. The number of people in each group is set by the Rector. It is not possible to add a student to a group (dean’s or clinical) which has already achieved the maximum headcount.
  2. Newly admitted students are assigned to groups before the beginning of their first academic year. Groups are diverse in terms of nationality and gender.
  3. Group change is possible starting from the 2nd year of studies.
  4. The Vice – Dean is the competent authority to organise the groups for best learning outcomes and environment for all forms of didactic classes.
  5. The Vice – Dean can change the student assignment only if the following occurs:
    • Student submits an application for a group change on the template  available on MUL website to the coordinator of the current group, within the time from 1st  to 31st  of May of the academic year preceding the academic year of possible group transfer.
    • The application must feature a solid justification for the transfer to another group.
    • The number of students assigned to the group has changed or the group is dissolved by the Vice – Dean.
  6. The Vice – Dean’s decision on group change will be announced not earlier then on 10thof June.