Payment instruction

In order to effect payment for tuition or dormitory rent please pay attention to a proper completion of money transfer documents.

All university accounts are run by ING BANK ŚLĄSKI and their numbers differ depending on the currency of payment, program you attend or dormitory in which you are located.

When completing a transfer order, please use both English/Polish  name for tuition/czesne and for the dormitory/akademik.

Tuition/czesne in EURO

MD PROGRAMS  –  account number PL26105014611000002282381231
DMD PROGRAM – account number PL* 94105014611000002306765807

Dormitory/akademik  in PLN    – payments only in Polish currency (PLN)

II   DOM  STUDENTA/Lumumby   –  account number   88105014611000002282378369 
III  DOM  STUDENTA/Mazowiecka – account number  77105014611000002282378567
IV  DOM  STUDENTA / Hallera         –  account  number 19105014611000002282378641  

ID Card/ Legitymacja Studencka (PLN) –  account number PL* 53 1050 1461 1000 0090 8282 5705

Above fees should be effected to the account of the Medical University of Lodz as per following instruction:

  • candidate’s name: surname and first name (in the transfer title)!
  • subject of payment: application fee (EUR), tuition fee (EUR)/6-MD, 5-DMD or MD Advanced respectively etc. (in the transfer title)!
  • Bank details:
    mailing address: ul.Kopcińskiego 73/75, 90-033 Łódź, Polandswift: INGBPLPW
    account holder: UNIWERSYTET MEDYCZNY
    address: Al.Kościuszki 4, 90-419 Łódź, Poland

Please do not miss this information, ING Bank requirments for students who set up and have accounts in the bank:

Kindly informing that ING Branch Office at 1 Kosciuszki Street has been closed since July 1st, 2020.
All financial transactions in cash, without extra charges, are to be proceed at ING Bank, Kopcinskiego 73/75 or two below mentioned offices in LODZ:

  • 36 Kolumny Street, 93-342 Łódź
  • 197 Piotrkowska Street, 90-451 Łódź 

Tuition fee for all students is paid in 4 equal installments (except of the 1st year students who pay tuition  in 2 installments)  

Payments deadline:

  • 1st installment – 15.10.2023
  • 2nd installment – 15.12.2023
  • 3rd installment – 15.02.2024
  • 4th installment – 15.05.2024


Please remember to respect the above-mentioned date of payment, because all transfers received after  15th will be charged by statutory penalty interest without any claims.

Exact amount of tuition fee to be paid will be found in your Student’s Contract. 

Students of the first year :

  • 1st installment – 14 days after signing the Student Contract
  • 2nd installment – 15.02.2024

Above  dates of breakdown should be followed.

Statutory penalty interest (7,25%-8,25% per year) is calculated for each day, starting eight days after the Student Contract is signed until the date MUL’s account is credited with the amount of a delayed tuition payment.

It is acceptable, if for any reason student prefers to pay the tuition fee in one time payment or in 2 installments.

Interest payment note
Following regulations of the financial law in Poland, The Medical University of Lodz, as a public institution is obliged to charge students who delay payments with the statutory penalty interest fee, established by the government at the rate of 7,25%-8,25% per year.

Such fee is calculated for each day, starting one day after tuition payment is due until the date MUL’s account is credited with the amount of a delayed tuition payment.

Since  April 1st, 2021  ING BANK  cancelled  deposit of foreign checks.

Please read message received from the Bank:

Withdrawal of foreign check collection service from the bank’s offer from 1 April 2021.

Dear client,

  • the current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the limitations related to the performance of the foreign check collection service. The clearance of such checks requires a visit to a branch and the handover and physical shipment of documents. Therefore, it is the least suitable form of settlement under the current conditions.
  • Many banks, including foreign ones, experience difficulties in handling checks under  these circumstances and choose not to provide the service.
  • Notwithstanding the pandemic constraints, many banks around the world have already made the decision to withdraw or are withdrawing from the collection of foreign checks as the service carries an  increased transaction risk, is lengthy and costly for customers.
  • Considering the customer safety, the risk related to check clearance in international settlements and the constantly declining trend of their use, we decided to discontinue the service.

From April 1, 2021, ING Bank will no longer process foreign checks.
After this date, counterparties will have to use a SWIFT or SEPA currency transfer.
It is an incomparably faster and safe form of settlement.
Best regards
Team ING Bank Śląski S.A.

Directive No. 78/2023 on the principles of charging fees for educational services

Please write an e-mail if you have any questions: [email protected]