Course exemption procedure



1. It is not possible to exempt yourself from the courses from the 1st semester of studies.

2. It is recommended to start the procedure at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester.

3. Being exempted from courses does not absolve the student from paying tuition fees in full.

4. The procedure must be completed, i.e. submitted for the final approval of the Vice-Dean for Studies in English, before the start of the semester.

5. The maximum percentage of ECTS points possible to be exempted from is 25% per semester.

6. It is impossible to be exempted two times from the same subject on the basis of one grade and/or syllabus.

7. It is not allowed to be exmpted partially from the course.

According to MUL Rules & Regulations par. 48-50

The regulations apply to the entire course of studies, also in the case of transfer and recognition of courses or vocational placement trainings completed by the student: 

1) at another university in Poland or abroad, within the national and international student exchange programs;

2) changing the form of studies or resuming studies at the University;

3)  implementing a part of the plan of studies at another university in Poland or abroad, and transferring achievements to tuition payable studies at the University, conducted in English. 

The regulations do not apply if the student:

1) had not received permission to transfer to studies at the University from another university due to program differences, and then was admitted to studies at the University through the recruitment procedure and submitted a request for transfer and recognition of achievements;

2) was admitted to studies at the University through the recruitment procedure, after previous removal from the Student Register of the same field of studies, including the field conducted at a different  university.

The bellow listed steps required to be taken in order to get the exemption:

Step 1. Download the form below.

Step 2. Fill in the form and add the attachments (syllabus, transcript, diploma or status).

  • transcript of academic records confirming completion of the courses
  • detailed syllabus of each course you would like to be exempted from
  • diploma of completion of previous studies or the equivalent document.

Step 3. Contact respective course coordinator who will get acquainted with your request and attachments in order to give the opinion about the exemption. The opinion must be written down and signed on the form.

Step 4. Bring the form with attachments and opinion of the course coordinator to the Dean’s Office to your administrative coordinator before the beginning of the semester.

Step 5. The Vice-Dean will make the final decision about the exemption.

Please remember that this is the only official way to get the course exemption.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Natalia Gajek-Widerska [email protected]