Obligatory medical exams

All of the new students have to be obligatorily examined by an occupational doctor in Poland.
This examination is the final condition of enrollment to studies at the Medical University of Lodz.

The procedure is the following:
The medical examination is to be arranged by the applicant, basing on the referral from the University. The referral is to be picked up from the Admission Office upon the arrival to Lodz. Other documents needed: passport, copies of information cards from hospital stays, any additional medical tests results (if done during last 6 months).

The addresses of outpatient clinics are available at the Admission Office.

Obligatory Hepatitis B Vaccination
After arrival to Lodz the accepted candidates are obliged to submit the result of antibody surface test made in the out-patient clinic in Poland proving that he/she is immune to Hepatitis B. The cost of such examination on the candidate’s account.

* Rector’s Directive No. 37/2014

Remember that during the registration you have to bring a Polish version of the referral with you. 

Below you can find English translations of the referrals in order for you to know what it is.

Medical examination:

Sanitary-epidemiological examination: