NBME exams at MUL

NBME exams in the academic year 2023/2024

  • The obligatory NBME exams are cancelled.
  • For all the students willing to be assessed with the NBME exams the University has decided to organize the examination session.
  • The participation in the exam is voluntary.
  • The exams are not graded, the score is just for the individual knowledge of a student.
  • The datailed information with the dates and rules is published below.

Before your first NBME exam at MUL

NBME exams at the Medical University of Lodz are based on computers provided by the school.

You do not need to bring your own laptos for the exam.

1. NBME registration (one-time only!)

The following information does NOT apply to students who previously registered for any NBME web-based exam at our University.

Before you take an NBME web-based exam, certain identification and biographic information is required.

Click on the URL below to access the NBME pre-registration system, read and agree to the privacy policy, then enter the required information.


You should register not later than 10 days before the examination day!

For the “Class Level” field choose your current year of studies. Choose “8+” if you are a graduate.
For the “Program Type” field choose “MD/PhD” if you are a student of the Division of Studies in English Language or “Other” if you are an Erasmus or Polish MD student.

Note! Failure to register will result in  lack of the ability to take the exam, and further  in not crediting the course (receiving grade 2.0 – fail).

2. To learn how to use the examination software visit the link below

This will significantly decrease unnecessary stress during the exam!


Follow the steps:

  • Download the secure browser
  • Launch the secure browser
  • Choose the Prior to Test Day option
  • Launch the sample exam

Security & Integrity of NBME Examinations

The examination materials used in the NBME examinations are the confidential, copyrighted property of the NBME. If you reproduce and/or distribute examination materials, by any means, including reconstruction through memorization without the express written consent of the NBME, you are in violation of the rights of the owners. Every legal means available to protect NBME examination materials and secure redress against those who violate copyright law may be pursued.

Test Day Rules and Procedures

  • Do not bring any personal/unauthorized items into the secure testing area. Such items include but are not limited to, outerwear, hats, food, drinks, purses, briefcases, notebooks, notes, mobile devices, cell phones, recording devices, and photographic equipment.
  • You are not permitted to access any unauthorized items during the exam administration.
  • You must adhere to the instructions provided by proctors administering the examination.
  • Carefully review and agree to abide by any instructions provided or that appear at the start of the examination session.
  • Test proctors are not authorized to answer questions from examinees regarding examination content, testing software or scoring.
  • Do not leave the testing site at any time during your administration unless you inform and obtain permission from the testing proctor or are instructed to so do by test administration staff.
  • Failure to follow test day rules and procedures may result in the withholding or cancellation of your scores, and/or a bar from future exams administered by the NBME.
  • You should arrive 30-minutes before the examination. Examinees who walk-in later than 15 minutes after the start of the exam will not be allowed to take the exam.

Self-assessment exam

There is an option to do the self-assessment exam before taking subject NBME exams.

You can purchase it on your own directly from the NBME website