1. Is Premedical Course obligatory to start the 6MD/5DMD studies?

No, PREMED is not required, you can apply directly to Medicine or Dentistry. The Course is dedicated to students who want to repeat their knowledge or improve English skills before they begin their studies.

2. I do not have any English certificate, can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply even without the English certificate. We will organise an online English interview for you with one of our English teachers.

3. I am under 18, can I apply?

You are welcome to apply, even if you are a minor. However, please note that you will need a legal guardian here in Poland to sign some legal documents crucial to start studying at our University. It can be your parent or any other adult, but in that case you will have to present the Power of Attorney signed by your parent indicating the third person as your guardian.

4. Can I pay the tuition fee in installments?

No, the tuition fee cannot be split into installments. The entire amount has to be paid before the beginning of the course to the University’s account.

5. Can I get the accommodation in University dormitory?

We do not provide accommodation for Premedical course students.

6. Do I need to legalize my documents?

If you plan to continue your studies at MUL after finishing the course, you have to go through the legalization/recognition of high school documents procedure. The details can be found here: https://studymed.mul.edu.pl/admission/application-documents/

7. I want to apply but I am afraid I will not get my visa on time. What about the fees in that case?

If you will not be able to start the course because of visa rejection, your tuition fee will be fully refunded.

Organisation of the course

1. How may semesters are there?

The Premed course is divided into 2 semesters with one-week break between.

2. As a Premedical Course participant will I receive a student ID?

As a PREMED course participant you are not an official student of the Medical University of Lodz. Therefore, we cannot give you the Student ID card. You will receive it once you start 6MD/5DMD studies.

3. How long does the academic hour last?

The academic hour lasts 45 minutes.

4. Are all classes held on campus?

Mostly the classes are on campus, lectures are conducted online.

5. Can I study online?

Almost all classes of the Preparatory Course are conducted on campus, therefore it is not possible to study online.

6. Do I need any books?

We provide PREMED participants with books and access to e-learning platform. The cost of the materials is included in the tuition fee.

7. Can I transfer my credits from Preparatory Course to the studies?

It is not possible to transfer any credits from the course once you start your studies

8. As a Premed  participant, can I use the University’s library?

Yes, as a Premedical Course participant you can use ILC (Information and Library Center). You have access to the computers and materials available inside the building but you are not allowed to borrow the books and take them home. It is only possible for students with student ID.

9. Where can I print documents or make copies?

In the Information and Library Center (2 Muszynskiego Street) and the building located at 1B Hallera Square, 1st floor, you can find a self-service printer Zeccer. You can also print/make copies at photocopy shops in Łódź. They are called “Punkt Ksero”, you can find it using Google.

10. Do I have any discount in public transport as a PREMED participant?

Only valid Student ID card entitles to discount in public transport. As a premedical course student you do not have the student ID, so you always need to buy full fare tickets.

Exception: reduced price (50%) for municipal transport in Lodz (MPK) is available for children from 4 to 18 years old. Remember to always have your passport with you to confirm your age in case of ticket control: https://www.mpk.lodz.pl/showarticleslist.action?category=1077&Tickets+and+fares

11. How can I get the residency permit?

To apply for the residency permit you need to submit the application to the Immigration Office located at 103 Piotrkowska Street. For this purpose you need to prepare:

  • 2 copies of the application form
  • 4 current colour photographs (45×35 mm)
  • A valid travel document (2 photocopies of all its pages with stamps, annotations and entries + original for inspection)
  • A confirmation of payment of stamp duty

Additional documents in case of a full-time student:

  • A certificate in Polish issued by the University confirming enrolment on a course or continuation of studies
  • A certificate issued by University confirming amount of tuition fees
  • Documents confirming that the foreigner has sufficient financial means to cover the costs of living in Poland (i.e. PLN 776 x 15 months = PLN 11 640) PLUS the costs of education (tuition fees for the academic year 2022/2023 and winter semester2023/2024) , costs of return journey to the country of origin or residence (PLN 200 if the foreigner came from a country neighbouring the Republic of Poland, PLN 500 if they came from a European Union Member State other than those indicated above, PLN 2500 if they came from a country which is not a member of the European Union) and the costs of accommodation. Foreigner should submit the following documents: current certificate confirming the amount of financial resources in a bank account held by the foreigner, a certificate confirming the amount of limit on a credit card issued by the bank which issued the credit card, a document confirming the granting of a domestic or foreign scholarship with the indication of the period and amount of benefit.
  • A proof of payment of tuition fee
  • Document confirming health insurance
  • Documents indicating the amount of accommodation costs